Terms and Policies


Support for SecurexFlow, Secure-Fax & SecureMT Client

  • Our normal support hours are 8:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST.
  • Any user may submit support questions via email to support@medofficepro.com.
  • Most questions will be answered within 2- 4 hrs.
  • Client can call or email HelpDesk directly also for all their support needs @ 1.866.510.1111 ext 11 during normal business hours.
  • For pricing on weekend Support and Support after normal business hours, contact sales.


Support for Secure-Dox: Policy Guidelines


Email: Any user may submit support questions via email through our online Customer Care Link. Target response time is one business day. Email Support is available Mon- Fri 8 00AM – 8 00PM (EST) Do not send Category 1 issues via email (defined below).


Phone: User can call toll-free telephone support at (800) 510-1111 X 11  during standard business hours – 800AM – 600PM (EST).  Please be advised that calls to and from E-Dictate LLC may be monitored or recorded.


After-hours, on-call support for emergencies: It is available via the toll-free number above. After-hours support incidents, except for Category 1 issues are billed per incident at a rate of $100 each.  On-site support is available at $1000 per day.



Priority Levels


Priority Level Definition


Response time



Category 1: System problem that has resulted in a down situation in which a client is unable to access the system or significant functions thereof with critical impact on the client’s operations. A reasonable workaround is not available.


30-60 minutes

Work continuously

Category 2: System problem that has resulted in a situation in which a client is unable to use a significant system function, but is able to continue working with other functions. The impact on the client’s operations is high but not critical.

30 – 60 minutes

Continuous during business hours

Category 3: Problem that does not seriously affect the client’s operations or schedules. A Category 1 or 2 Problem that has been temporarily resolved with a workaround may be categorized thereafter as a Category 3 Problem.


1 business day

Normal business hours

Category 4: All other problems with system other than those falling within the categories above. This category includes errors in documentation and instances when the system does not operate strictly according to specifications.   

1 business day

Normal business hours


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